Level 2 Week, Sunday

July 30, 2012 - 12:19 pm No Comments

( just a reminder that level 1 week will be a rest week after level 4 week so I’m starting off on level 2 week)

  • Distance Run
  • Today starts the first day of level 2 week. Sunday’s are my distance run days. Pushing yourself distance-wise is important for a variety of reasons. Long runs push the limit of your cardiovascular system. Keeping your heart rate up and breathing heavy for a nice long time does wonders for your performance and for your health! Distance runs should be done at a nice comfortable pace with walk breaks thrown in if needed. My basic distance run is 5 miles because it gives me a good hour of running even on my slowest days. For this level 2 week I bumped it up to 6 miles. I really enjoy distance running and my other workouts mostly help me be a better distance runner, but even sprinters benefit from a nice long run. You build good leg and core endurance and like I said before, push your cardiovascular system’s endurance limits.

    Another great benefit of distance run is calorie burning and fat burning. Distance running is really hard to beat when it comes to the number calories burned. And because it’s a slower, longer workout, you can burn more fat during the run. I usually run first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When your body burns through the available glucose in your blood stream it starts to break down fat for energy. On shorter runs you most likely don’t burn through enough of you blood glucose to start burning fat. *Special note, if the calories you consume is still less than the calories you burn, you’ll lose weight, but your body will be burning muscle along with fat for energy. Muscle building workouts and these long cardio workouts will help your body burn more fat*

    For me, another great benefit of nice long runs is quiet time to myself. I often do these runs without headphones. I really love running and meditating. It’s a soothing, stress relieving exercise.

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