New running program

July 3, 2012 - 2:09 pm No Comments

The first thing I want to discuss about running is weight control. I first started running as a way to lose weight, but now I want to continue my weight loss as a way to become a better runner! It makes sense, really. The less fat I carry around, the more efficient my poor little legs can be!

The first step to losing weight is to determine how much I want to weigh. I’m 5’6″ and in my late 20s. Looking back at college pictures I’ve decided that 135lbs is a good target. I think it requires me to drop some fat while still giving me the feminine figure I like. I may end up dropping more in a few years when I attempt a marathon, but for now this works for me.

Now, to lose the weight! I weigh 145 now, so I’ve got a good 10 pounds to go. I haven’t signed up for any races so I’m going to design my workout program for weight loss rather than performance, although I’ll still be improving that as well.

Before I start discussing my workout program, I want to talk about diet. Weight loss is a two prong attack. Calorie control and exercise. For the calorie control I use’s calorie tracker. It’s a great tool and really easy to use! It can walk you through deciding how quickly you want to lose the weight and how many calories a day you need to accomplish it. It also allows you to input your workouts to account for the calories you burn (which I recommend). Simply put, eat less than you expend and you’ll lose weight. The trick is being consistent and accurate with calorie control. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Now, to my workout program. After reading lots about running training programs and trying a few, I’ve decided to develop a 4 week rotating program. It will involve 3 increasingly difficult weeks with one rest week. I’ll post daily as I haven’t figured out exactly which days to do what workouts. I do know I want to incorporate a long distance run, a recovery run, a tempo run, interval training and weight training. I’ll cover what those mean as I go. I’ll start with week level 2 since that’s where I’m at this week. Now, let’s go!


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