Level 2 Week, Rest

August 4, 2012 - 7:36 pm No Comments

I got up Friday morning and realized I wasn’t going to get my tempo run in this week. My legs were sore and tight and needed a rest. That’s something I’ve learned about training. My 4 week plan is as much about ramping up the effort put in as the distance and speed. Since this is only my level 2 week I didn’t want to over train. I spent Friday resting as much as possible. Saturday was a couple hours of walking around at a local art festival, enough to stretch my legs but not enough to tire me out. It’s really important to get a good nights rest the night before my long run. Training for long distances requires more preparation. I make sure to eat healthy and get to bed early. I’m going to attempt 7 miles tomorrow. And thus begins Level 3 week!

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