Picasa’s picture collages

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I recently downloaded the photo sorting/editing program called Picasa.  They’ve got a wonderful tool called “picture collage” that does just what it says.  You can take as little or as many of your photos and put them together in one collage file.  You can print your collages or save them as .jpg and upload them like you would an individual photo.  I wanted to show some examples on the different kind of collages you can do.  The pictures I used are of me and my husband from our past 4 years of marriage.  I didn’t really do any retouching of the photos, most are pretty casual and taken with a variety of cameras.  I’m mostly focused on the attributes of the collage tool.

This first collage type is called “Frame mosaic”.  The description in the collage tool is: “A mosaic with a prominent center picture”.  It looks just like it sounds.  Picasa is a great program for figuring out on your own.  Its descriptions all make sense!

This next collage is the basic mosaic type.  Picasa fits the pictures together for you resizing them randomly.  You can shuffle the pictures around to get different random selections or you can manually adjust any of the pictures.  It’s a good combination of automation and customization!

Another option similar to the two mosaic types, but a little more structured and symmetrical is the grid type.  It sizes and orients all the pictures the same way.  As you can probably tell from the above two pictures, you have the options of both landscape and portrait style pages.  There are actually quite a few different sizes of pages available to do collages on, including fully custom page sizes.  My collages tend to be in the 8.5 by 11 page size because that happens to be the page size I like to print them on.  Also, you can see that the pictures in my collages have no spacing between them.  That’s not the only spacing option.  There is a varying degree of spacing available along with any background color.  You can even use one of your photos as a background for your collages.

Before I get to my favorite type of picture collage I will show you this interesting one.  I haven’t really played around with this type much, so I don’t know much about it yet.  Picasa calls it “Multiple Exposure”.  Just like it sounds, it superimposes pictures on top of each other.  I don’t know how well it works for more than two pictures, since that’s all I tried it with.  It sounds like it could have some pretty cool effects if you know what you’re doing.  I apologize about the graininess of the pictures in this one, they aren’t digital!  This was back when my husband and I got engaged (as you can tell) and we were both too poor to own a digital camera.  Sigh, don’t miss those days!

Okay, okay,  now the collage that I’m really excited about.  This one I worked on for awhile.  I let Picasa do its stuff without much interference for all the other collages, but this one I spent some time hand tweaking afterwards, too.  My husband was really excited about this style, it’s called “Picture Pile”.  It’s meant to be just that!  You have the option to do borderless, a white border, or Polaroid-like border.  I chose borderless so I could cram in as many photos as possible!  Along with moving photos around, you can resize them and rotate them with a simple tool that pops up when you click on the photo.  For this collage, I shuffled the pictures a few times to get one I really liked, and then I hand tweaked so that you could see our faces in every photo.  I used a lot more photos in this collage to fill the same amount of space, but I like that.  It gives the collage a lot of movement.  It feels a lot more artistic than the other ones.

So,  I guess the gist of this blog post is to encourage people to download Picasa (it’s free!)  and have some fun with the collages tool!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and much as I enjoyed putting them together, and I hope Tanner doesn’t get too embarassed by any of the pictures!

My job, for those who want to learn..

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I have created a page titled Resume/Work experience that not only has a link to a pdf version of my resume, but also a description of my current job.  The description is a little science heavy, but I encourage everyone to read it.   I even included a few pictures!

Building my Online Portfolio

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just me!

So, my wonderful husband gave me the great idea to build an online portfolio in addition to a normal resume. On this site I will post all the things that make me who I am. At least the things that can be posted as pictures or blog posts. My hope is that this site will provide a better picture of who I am to any potential employers or whoever is just a little more curious about me. My first step will be to post my basic resume. Thus, the display of my life begins!

Jessica Helland’s resume (pdf)